ebook settlement creditsI received an email this morning from Amazon notifying me that my eBook settlement credit had been applied to my account. Checking KBoards, there are starting to be lots of happy people with significant credit to spend.

For those of you who haven’t been following this story (are there any of you?), the settlement amounts are the result of the Agency Pricing case against the Big Publishers, all of whom settled. Apple, of course, is still in the process of fighting it, and, if they lose, there may be more settlement amounts in the future.

According to the settlement website, Barnes & Noble is also in the process of disbursing credits, but I haven’t received an email from them, and, checking the Nook Boards, it doesn’t look like anyone’s talking about receiving theirs. Amounts were supposed to be disbursed today, so I suppose we should wait at least until the end of the day before becoming concerned. I wasn’t surprised Amazon distributed them first.

My amount from Amazon was quite small. During the time period the settlement covers, I was buying mostly from Barnes & Noble, so I’m hoping for a decent amount from them. I have some books on my Wish List I’d love to buy!

How about you? Are you seeing your credits, and are they amounts worth celebrating? Feel free to share in the Comments!