“…44% identified the use of e-books as a key area of growth for the industry. In an increasingly globalised world, 27% saw books in translation as a growth area, and nearly a third saw China as the future dominating market in the publishing industry.” – The Guardian on a survey at the Frankfurt Book Fair (photo).

The TeleRead take: Here’s the real baffler. Why just 44 percent? Meanwhile another stat: “Almost a quarter of the 1,324 industry professionals who took part in the survey predicted that the high street bookseller would no longer exist in 2057, while only 11% thought that the printed book would be obsolete.” Perhaps our U.K. friends can enlighten us on the term “high street booksellers.”

Related: Book Fair coverage via Google News roundup, including Google, Reuters move closer in book search, from Reuters. Random might team up with ’em.

Mobile-friendly wrinkle at book fair: You can use your cellphone or PDA to download data about important exhibitors.

The Amazon Kindle angle: No sight of Amazon’s Kindle at Frankfurt Bookfair (Alex’s report in MobileRead).