waterstonesebookstore-300x216.jpgThat is the point that is being made by British author Adrian Graham on his blog today. And I agree.

One of the things that makes the Kindle such a good reading experience is that it is so convenient, and easy, to order books from Amazon – be it on line or directly from the Kindle itself.

 Here’s what Adrian has to say about the new Waterstone’s e-book store:

So when they teamed up with Sony this year and jointly released the Sony Reader I was pleased that maybe this time they’d got in there in front of Amazon.co.uk and there was none of this, ‘it’s a niche we won’t bother with it’ talk. Unfortunately, my experience of the Waterstones eBook store was pretty underwhelming. So I thought I’d go back and take another look. … The problem is that the content comes mainly from the regular bookstore. It doesn’t feel like they’re serious about doing eBooks. The range is still shockingly small and there’s no direct way to search for eBooks. The advanced search does provide the ‘eBook’ option but when I searched for Nam Le’s ‘The Boat’ … no luck. They don’t have it. They have it in paperback. They have it in trade hardback – but not in eBook. Am I being too obscure in my taste or something? Maybe British publishers are being sluggish cranking out their eBooks? Maybe they aren’t interested at all?

Thwarted by my obviously niche market taste, I head over to Amazon.com to see what the US gets that the UK doesn’t. I type in author, title and bang: there it is. It’s the first choice and there’s a Kindle edition as well.

One of Sony’s priorities here in the US was to revamp its e-book store. How has it gone? Gotten any better?