apple-logo1[1]Although the deadline for iPhone apps to be brought in line with Apple’s new in-app purchase rules recently passed, InfoWorld reports that Apple is still quietly working with developers to bring apps into compliance before the company begins enforcing the restrictions.

Under the current form of Apple’s in-app purchase guidelines, apps such as Amazon’s Kindle app can continue allowing users to download externally-purchased content as long as there is no link or button within the app to redirect the iPhone user to the external purchasing source.

At the time of the policy’s announcement, All Things Digital reported that a memo from Apple to publishers had set a deadline of June 30 for compliance. However, sources tell Macworld that the deadline was less of a hard-and-fast date than a rough target for bringing apps into line with the new policy.

InfoWorld notes that various iPhone apps such as Hulu Plus and Netflix have already updated to remove links. Netflix includes a “Visit netflix.com to sign up” notice on the login screen, but does not provide an actual link to launch the browser. It expects that the Kindle, Nook, and Google Books apps will also have their web-store buttons removed in the near future.

It is annoying that Apple, who has previously built its business on making things more convenient for its users, is now taking options away, but on the bright side those who’ve bought e-books from these stores will continue to be permitted to download them to the iPhone.