kindlefrontgraphite[1] The LA Times reports on a Cowen & Co. survey that says Amazon’s Kindle has 76% of the e-book market, and is expected to have sold $701 million worth of Kindle e-books by the close of 2010—up 195% from the previous year.

The report notes that the iPad (and other platforms that have the Kindle Reader app) has helped Amazon by making it possible to buy Kindle e-books without having to own a Kindle itself. In fact, the survey notes that 20% of Kindle e-book purchasers don’t actually own a Kindle.

The "iPad is not having a negative impact on Kindle device or e-book sales," according to the report, written by Cowen analysts Jim Friedland and Kevin Kopelman. "In fact, we think the adoption of tablets will boost Kindle e-book sales."

The report suggests Amazon’s market share will gradually decline to 51% of the market (and Apple’s will rise from 5% to 16%) by 2015.

Of course, there’s nothing earthshaking in the idea that the iPad might help Amazon’s e-book sales more than it hurt them, but it’s interesting to see someone come out and quantify it.

(Found via The Bookseller.)