Blog Kindle reports on the “aftermath” of the Black Friday $89 Amazon Kindle deal. As might reasonably be expected, the Kindles sold out so fast that some people accused Amazon of not actually having them at all.

Not that it’s too surprising, given how popular Amazon is; the blog notes that between Twitter and Facebook, there was the potential for half a million people to be aware of the deal even before its spread on blogs (such as ours) came into play. Under all that attention, even several thousand refurbished units could sell out literally in seconds.

For comparison, Barnes & Noble listed refurbished Wi-Fi Nooks on eBay for $79 and then $99, and 3G/Wi-Fi models for $119. The listings have since ended, selling a total of 5,362 Wi-Fi and 1,415 3G—6,777 units in all. If Amazon had a comparable number of Kindles available, they might have been gone in a heartbeat under the demand of potentially hundreds of thousands of people. (Though perhaps it is a good measure of the Kindle and Nook’s relative popularities that it only took seconds to sell out the Kindles, but that many Nooks lingered for a few days.)

Blog Kindle compares Amazon’s listing to the “doorbuster” sales at brick-and-mortar stores, where a store might have only a dozen or so of its most popular advertised item for the purposes of drawing people into the store where they will probably buy other stuff anyway.

What it comes down to is that we can’t claim the information wasn’t out there.  It was clear from the start that this was meant to be a moment when demand would overwhelm supply by a fair amount.  I do believe that many, perhaps even Amazon themselves, were shocked by exactly how great the discrepancy between the number of Kindles and the number of Kindle buyers was, but that’s often the case at sales like these.

Still, brand new Kindles and Nooks are not that much more expensive, even if it is unclear whether they will be available in sufficient quantities to meet demand this holiday season. And given another year, both the new and Black Friday sale prices might be that much lower too.

(Found via CNet.)