Rob NevilleAll right, gang; have at it! Here are 10 Reasons Why eBooks Suck—from Rob Neville, a self-made software geek with an MBA and an interest in “the human aspect of technology.”

“Books are incredibly portable, especially smaller paperbacks.

“Books do not require batteries or any electricity to use.

“Books are not fragile (at least relatively speaking in comparison to electronic gadgets).

“Books are easier on your eyes for long periods of reading (again, in comparison to LCD displays for example).

“Books are shareable and re-saleable—the only “compatibility” issue is the language it’s written in.

“Books are cheaper. A device that costs $400??? Are you kidding me? My entire Amazon wish-list isn’t $400.

“Books have a faster operating system—I can flip pages without an hourglass or having to wait for my eyes to render the new page
Books have better browse-ability—I can thumb through pages very quickly and can easily eyeball 1/3 of the way through a book or the last 25% of the book because the information I want was somewhere in that section.

“Books have low-tech, cheap built-in DRM—it’s a pain in the arse to copy them….doable but a pain.

“I could think of more, but I’m too lazy.”

The TeleRead take: Actually I find Neville’s comments useful, as a summary of the actual and imagined problems of books. Notice the interest in compatibility—a very real problem?

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