That’s what Good E-Reader is reporting today.  According to the article one of the selling points of the reader was its ability to connect directly to Google Books.  Now this has been disabled.  They say that this is because Google Books ahs now been integrated into the Google Play platform and so the Sony Reader Store points to invalid links.  Evidently this also affects the iRiver Story HD.

So who is to blame for the inability to download free books from Google Books on the Sony PRS-T1? Basically this is all on Sony to incorporate the changing landscape of technology on their e-reader. Although Google Books is known as Google Play Books, there are ways to get it working on their device, they just have not bothered to do it. Google Play Books is available on the iPad and Android but not on the flagship Sony Reader Wireless.


  1. devini — I care, and many other owners of the PRS-T1 will care, particularly if they’re interested in public domain e-books.

    Paul — Thanks for posting this info, much appreciated.

  2. @Marie. Then download the books onto your computer/sd card and you’re good to go. It’s not like you haven’t access to the free books.

  3. If they have to be downloaded and sideloaded, the T1 has no advantage over the Nook or various Hanlin models. Those who chose the T1 *because* of easy access to Google books got screwed; those who were considering buying it for that reason now have reason to reconsider.

    Also, Sony hasn’t yet changed its ad copy in stores (Wi-Fi access to over 2 million titles: Wirelessly shop with easy access to 2 million titles at Reader Store. Books from your local public library or download Google public domain books.), and may be guilty of fraud unless it does so quickly.

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