Screen shot 2010-03-05 at 11.47.05 AM.pngLaptop Magazine has taken the Edge for a spin in one of their typically thorough reviews. They think that the product is innovative, but find that it straddles the divide between ereader and mobile internet device, making it not the best one for either. They also feel that it needs a round of updates to the software.

This dual-book is not the best tool for robust productivity, and it’s overkill for consumers mainly interested in surfing the Web, or simply reading eBooks. Still, at $499 the Edge is less expensive than the business-centric Plastic Logic Que, which starts at $649. And it’s only $10 more than the 9.7-inch Kindle DX. Entourage’s device may be bulkier than both, but it also has more features and flexibility. We like the Edge overall, but it may be best to hold off until the initial spate of updates are complete and the app store is ready.

I had a demo of the Edge at TOC and I think that the reviewer misses the point of the device. My own thoughts will follow shortly.


  1. Paul, I agree with you — before even reading your future ideas about this device.

    It’s a difficult task to create a hybrid; it might turn out to be the worst of both worlds, not the best. … Remember the first hybrid bicycles, that crossed the touring bike with the mountain bike? … They gave us a sub-par ride on every terrain!

    This device does offer a real advance, delivering a quality reading screen alongside a genuine operating system. It can do many things well, including reading ebooks.

    Michael Pastore
    50 Benefits of Ebooks

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