If you’re currently in the market for a Kindle but happen to be on a strict budget at the same time, head on over to The Digital Reader immediately, where our friend Chris Meadows has a tip on budget-priced refurbished models currently being sold at select Best Buy locations in the United States.

Chris says he tracked down a Kindle Touch 3G (with Special Offers) at a Springfield, Mo. store for just $109.99. (It was marked down from $149.99.) He also found the $79.99 base-level Kindle (also with Special Offers) for only $55.99.

If you happen to know of specific Best Buy stores in your corner of the country that still have refurbished Kindles available for sale, please share the details in the comments!


  1. I got an email from Amazon a while back with an offer of 40% off on certain Kindle items and on the basic $79 Kindle – if bought with my Amazon Rewards card. By my calculations that makes the Kindle less than $50 straight from Amazon and not refurbished.

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