sony-reader-wi-fi-oMore details are coming out about Sony’s latest entry into the e-reader market, the T1. At 168g (5.9 oz), the device is touted as the lightest e-reader ever, with a 6” touchscreen display, stylus, and built-in wi-fi access. The wi-fi will allow purchases from Sony’s on-line bookstore, and also borrowing e-books wirelessly from libraries that support it. The US cost of the device will be $149.

Available in red, white, and black colors, the black version (but not the other two) will include a coupon for a free download of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone “while supplies last”. (Because, after all, e-books are known for finite supply and manufacturing costs!)

Harry Potter or no, I have a hard time imagining too many people going for this when competing readers cost $20-$30 less. Sony might be trying to compete on quality, but I suspect the e-reader marketplace is currently focusing squarely on price.


  1. The extra $20-30 wouldn’t bother me, if I wanted to buy the reader. I currently have a Sony PRS-650, which works fine, so I dn’t need to replace it. Not mentioned in the Sony press release (which you can get to by following the links) is whether or not they have made any improvements to their onboard software. For example, if you do load up the current Sony reader with thousands of ebooks, it takes the PRS-650 a long time (hours) to re-build its databases when you buy and add just one more book. The 650 also keeps track of the last book you had open for reading. I would like a list of the last 10 or 20 books I had open, E-reader hardware is no longer a big deal for me. Many e-readers have great or very good hardware. Now I am more interested in the e-reader operating system and application software. Gary

  2. A feature that is (so far as I know) unique to this new reader is that you can actually download library books to it directly, without need to download to a PC and copy via USB cable. I wonder if the Kindle will have that, too, when library borrowing is enabled?

  3. I love my old PRS 505. Although I’ve been eyeing the Kindle lately, the lack of epub support keeps me away. If my 505 died, I’d probably look at another Sony. I kinda like the weight and sturdiness of my 505 though. I wonder if I’d like the “lightest ebook reader ever” as much.

  4. I have the PRS 505 GOING ON 3 YEARS. It works great. I have not had any problems with it since purchased. I would be interested in the new Wi-Fi version. I would probably look into the trade- in option. I give sony thumbs up for it’s quality.

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