From the Kobo bog:

In order to keep pace with our rapid growth and to provide a more global support model across many products, countries and languages, we recently made a number of changes to our customer support infrastructure. We expect that these changes, when complete will allow us to serve more readers, with a higher quality of service around the world.


The transition to our new platform has caused challenges for some of our customers resulting in longer phone wait times, and delayed email responses. We have been working diligently to identify the problems and resolve them to reach the level of service our customers expect. As a result, we expect to see significant improvement in response times within the next week.

While the world of eReading is a rapidly changing one, ultimately our goal is to make it easy for you to get your questions answered quickly and to take technology out of the equation so you can focus on your reading enjoyment.


Thank you for your ongoing support,


Mark Stevens
VP Customer Care

Additionally, Kobo has issued a new firmware upgrade for their Vox eReader Tablet that will be automatically downloaded and installed when users power up the device and connect via wireless.


  1. Translation from the corporate-speak: “Our contract with the Canadian call center we were previously using came up for renewal, but we got a better offer from a competing firm, so we have now outsourced our customer disservice to Bangladesh.”

  2. I got this for a response after calling 3 x : “We have technical difficulties and cannot hear you, please call back at a later time.” And, “Hello, Hello, I cant hear you. We seem to have technical dificulties…….” My family was actually going to purchase one of these. We are staying far away as possible now. We had a question and was going to order one. I’m so glad we decided to call customer service first. It saved our money!
    By the way, they don’t speak English very well and are extremely hard to understand.

  3. The device is very, very slow and the screen is not responsive often. Reading online jumps around text erratically, often skipping back to the start of long documents over and over. Please issue upgrades, it is almost non- functional for internet html.

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