Here are the details:

Kobo Touch:

• Revamped home screen makes finding books easier
• Pin books to a Wishlist so you can buy them later
• Create custom book shelves
• Get personalized book recommendations
• “Find books similar to the ones in your library
• French dictionary
• Improved font clarity
• Make text sharper with custom
Font Tuning

• Change accounts on your eReader


• Revamped home screen makes finding books easier
• Find books similar to the ones in your library
• Get personalized book recommendations
• Fixed issues with navigating to search results
• Pin books to a Wishlist so you can buy them later


  1. Hold off doing the update. Desktop 3 forces you to update the firmware to 2.0 (ie, it is no longer a choice) and the firmware version 2.0 has bugs. It has bricked my Kobo Touch. You can no longer remain on an older firmware until you choose to upgrade. So, if the firmware has a bug which it does, you can’t do a factory reset and then remain at an earlier firmware until Kobo first acknowledge the bug and then fix it.

  2. Like you said Kobo is FORCING its customers to upgrade. I don’t want this update. Because of this I am unable to read my newly purchased books. Why can’t I simply click “X” up in the corner of the box and carry on as I was before? Is there any way to get around updating?

  3. My Kobo Touch is bricked, too. The upgrade was forced because new book purchases were not able to be read. The desktop was upgraded at the same time as the firmware, and it froze during the restart. It does absolutely nothing now.

    Buying the Kobo was a serious mistake. I actually work around the corner from the Kobo office in Toronto, and they were no help whatsoever. Customer service shipped a replacement via Purolator, who left a nice “We missed you” card. Unfortunately, I now have to drive to another city to pick up the package because Purolator has no outlets.

    At this point, it’s just a lot easier to go buy a Sony e-reader and call it one of life’s experiences. I just don’t have the patience to deal with Kobo any more.

  4. I just did the upgrade with no problems. The new home screen layout is great, and the touch screen is noticeably more responsive. LOVE the upgrade and LOVE my Kobo touch!!

  5. I just updated to Kobo Touch V. 2.0.

    I updated to 2.0 because my Kobo would reboot to the beginning of Chapters, instead of the page I had been reading.

    After updating, I cannot open any of my books. The Kobo only reboots.

    I want my money back so I can buy a Kindle, or a Sony eReader, or anything else as long as it works.

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