From A Kindle World Blog.  More at the site:

I’ve noticed that E-Ink-Ereader and Kindle Fire owners have reported problems accessing Gmail lately. One aspect is that few settle for “mobile” version on the larger mobile devices and choose ‘desktop’ mode. I’m one of them.

The one mode that always works for me on either the Kindle Touch or the Kindle Fire, though, is GMail’s “Basic Html” mode, which is simpler and faster to load than the “Standard” mode, the latter being the default mode and causing problems for some larger mobile devices.

While GMail apps can work well for some, they are missing features that some depend on in GMail, and as a result some choose the browser version instead and, as I mentioned, Desktop mode.  If you prefer to use a browser version (I do), I have a shortcut that makes sure the Kindle Touch or the Kindle Fire get to the “Basic HTML” version of GMail.


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