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From the Good e-Reader blog:

Welcome to the leading tech radio show with your host Markus! Twice a week i bring you the latest news on e-paper, digital publishing, ebookse-readerstablets and slate computing and a whole lot more!

During the shows we also give you bonus segments such as live video and always give you the best new books you should be reading every week. We give you 30 minutes per episode and we even expand your musical horizons with a great new Indy Band every episode!

Don’t have time to read our articles every day? No problem, you must have a blackberry and if you have the podcast application finding us is easy.

Step 1) Load up your Podcast App
Step 2) Type in the search bar Good e-Reader
Step 3) Subscribe and listen to the greatest e-reader news blog on the planet earth.

If you manually want to find the show visit the podcast Tech Area and we are number 80 or so on the main page! Please rate us and subscribe if you use a Blackberry Playbook, or Blackberry Phone.

If you have an Apple device such as the iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad you can listen to us on iTunes HERE.



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