calibre 0.8.27: “New Features

Drivers for the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet Conversion: Add an option under Look & Feel to remove specified style information (CSS) from the document during conversion. Add an option in the bulk metadata edit dialog to restore the pre-conversion files for many books with a single click. Jobs list: Add the ability to search for and to hide jobs, useful if you have run a lot of jobs and the list is getting crowded. Book jacket generation: Add ability to customize the book jacket template and add custom columns into the jacket. MOBI Input: Performance improvement when viewing/converting a file with a lot of links Bug Fixes

Fix regression in 0.8.26 that broke disabling the update of particular fields during a bulk metadata download. Get Books: Fix DRM status for legimi When parsing for lxml via BeatifulSoup, use the calibre modified copy of BeautifulSoup (more robust). HTML Input: Handle double encoded URLs in img tags”


(Via calibre Changelog.)


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