Ars Technica has a report on a new form of e-paper that could offer the same low power consumption rate as the e-ink used in current e-readers, but at a much higher refresh rate and better screen reflectiveness.

Gamma Dynamics’s e-paper screen uses layers of oil and pigment that can be induced to change places through an electrical voltage. It could offer a refresh rate of 50Hz, and possibly color eventually. (At the moment it works best in grayscale.)

The screen will reflect 75% of ambient light, rather than the 40% of e-ink or 30% of electrowetting, making it easier to read in brighter areas without needing additional power.

This looks like a promising technology, though I hope they figure out something else to call it. If everything that isn’t “e-ink” becomes “e-paper” things are going to get pretty confusing.


  1. Interesting, but it looks to be at least a couple of years from market. The near-term new display looks to be mirasol, due out in products withing the next six months.

    And mirasol already does colour and video refrash rates, which being a relfective, bi-stable display.

    But the more the merrier. It’s about time eInk got some serious competition.

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