A hearty and sincere thank you goes out to the Virginia-based poet and journalist Beth Wellington this morning, for alerting us to a fantastic 44-page PowerPoint presentation that was originally prepared by Kelly Gallagher for a June 2012 Publishers Launch conference.

If you happen to have a bit of time to spare today, do yourself a favor and flip through this one; it’s embedded directly below.

And as something of an aside, e-book trend watchers might be interested in the prediction on page 27 of the report, which suggests that “Market forces … will make [both India and Brazil] ‘e’ power houses very soon.” Given Amazon’s very recent entree into the Subcontinent—and considering that this report was presented roughly three months ago—I’d say there’s a better-than-decent chance that Gallagher knows of what she speaks.


  1. FYI: Gallagher is a man, not a woman. Second, those numbers for Brazil and India are wildly optimistic — according to folks we’ve spoken to at Publishing Perspectives — and are based on survey data, which by its very nature reaches only and elite upper/middle class segment of the populations of those countries — both of which have widespread poverty and people without access to the instruments by which a survey might be taken (for what it’s worth).

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