My DRM-Free Year, Month 3: Read an E-Book Week

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For this third month of my DRM-free year, the big event was Read an E-Book Week. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with the offerings. Most authors seemed to simply re-list whatever they had last year—some of these books didn’t interest me then or now, and others I had already explored.

A few others had impressed me in previous years and then had nothing new on offer. I have downloaded fewer and fewer books in each successive Read an E-Book Week year…

Thank goodness for the message boards! A MobileRead poster alerted me to a publishing company called Bev Editions, which seems to be republishing the backlist books of some noted Canadian authors.

I picked up some freebies by Morley Torgov (whose novel, The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick, was a TV series when I was a child) and Howard Engel. Now that the promotion is over, these books are back to their regular prices, and I have bookmarked the Bev Editions page to see what else they come out with down the road.My DRM-Free Year

My other purchase of the month was a bundle from Delphi Classics, which I picked up with a coupon code. I’m still disgruntled over the handling of their whole website fiasco, but I do enjoy their product, so I’m giving them another chance.

They put out quite a few books this month, not all of which interested me, but the two I did spring for were the complete works collections of John Buchan (for the Richard Hannay books) and John Galsworthy (for the Forsyte Saga books). I am buying EPUB now (I used to buy Mobipocket), and it seems a little better formatted. I used to have problems with quotation marks facing the wrong way in the Mobi books.

My DRM-Free YearAs usual, I rounded out my reading with a number of library books. I read both of the released books in Veronica Roth‘s Divergent trilogy and quite enjoyed them—the first one a little moreso, but all in all, a good read.

I also read the new J.D. Robb book—and was deeply disappointed. I have followed this series from the very early days, and a few of the more recent ones have been good but a few others have been clunkers. I am so grateful for my public library and their e-book collection; I’m glad I didn’t have to pay money for this one!

What’s next for April? No clue yet! We’ll have to see what the month brings.

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