imageIf any book is intended to be shared, it is the Bible. Tell that to Amazon, however.

Right now you can download the Holy Bible to your Kindle for free. Made available by Crossway Books and Bibles, this authoritative Holy Scripture comes complete with DRM. Meaning it remains locked up on your Kindle.

No doubt the good folks at Crossway are more concerned with spreading the word than considering how it is spread. Crossway’s number one purpose is “to bring men, women and children to Christ as their Lord and Savior.” My guess is the Lord and Savior would approve of sharing the Good Word. I wonder if He would approve of hacking my Kindle to break the DRM so I could share it further? Maybe I’d better consult my Bible, see what I can find out.

I imagine the Crossway folks don’t have any idea about DRM. And the Amazon people are just plugging another book into the system. Oh, the irony of the humanity of it.

I’ve e-mailed Crossway to see if it has anything to say about the DRM. I’ll update if they do. Oh, and for the record, I downloaded it. Because it’s always good to have a copy of the Bible handy.

Update #1: I have posted a “review” on Amazon.

Update, #2: The folks at Crossway have gotten in touch with me. I’ve asked for permission to put our e-mail communications up here. Stay tuned.

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