image B&N has implemented its own DRM scheme for the Nook and ePub books, says the blog I Love Cabbages. B&N has partnered with Adobe to use encrypted credit card numbers as the DRM key. We’ve made the point before, but it bears repeating for new Nook owners and others.

What does that mean if you own an e-book reader whose makers have used an Adobe Software Developers Kit? How about the Sony Reader, for example?

Well, until changes are made, B&N encrypted e-books will not be able to be read on Sony Readers, or any other machine that uses Adobe’s original form of DRM encryption. Luckily Nooks at least can read Sony-encrypted books (updated with info from Adobe).

Meanwhile, though, other issues exist. Anybody want to say how wonderful DRM is?

Related: Previous TeleRead writings on Adobe DRM and the Nook. Also see the previous word on the compatibility issue directly from Adobe’s Jim Lester (thanks as usual, Jim). Still applies. – D.R.