3688725612_f1ce140a4c.jpgThanks to Ebouquin for letting me know that the Cybook Opus is now available for purchase. According to Cybook’s site the Opus, which has a 5″ screen, costs $280. It has 1GB of internal memory for book storage.

Unfortunately, it can only read “HTML, Txt, PDF and secured and non-secured Adobe EPUB/PDF” (talk about confusing language—does someone actually mean Adobe DRMed ePub and nonDRMed ePub and PDF?). The last time I tried this kludgy Adobe software, I found it to be consumer unfriendly, to say the least. You have to be a geek to use it. Further, the specs page says:

Note: Mobipocket support can be available via firmware upgrade. Adobe and Mobipocket DRMs can not be supported at the same time. Very disappointing!

Well, I can’t get very excited over this. Originally I thought it was a great idea when I saw the early example in New York. However, with these format limitations I wouldn’t want to bother with it. eBabel and DRM are making life harder and harder for ebooks users, not to mention manufacturers, which must choose what format(s) to support.

Ebouquin has an article, in French, about the Opus here.