ipad.jpgComputerworld is reporting that Apple is not using Adobe DRM, but will use FairPlay.

“Apple has not licensed Adobe Content Server for their iBook store,” Nick Bogaty, senior business development manager at Adobe, told Computerworld. “They appear to be doing something else. … But Apple’s plan to use FairPlay instead of Adobe’s flavor of copy protection will lock in customers to Apple’s ecosystem, says Bogaty, as iPad owners will only be able to buy from Apple’s iBook store, and not be able to transfer their purchases to other devices. With iBook, there’s no freedom of choice,” he said. “

The article goes on to say:

Opponents of copy protection for e-books decry Apple’s use of FairPlay. “[FairPlay] is another in a varied number of DRM schemes that will ultimately confuse the consumer and harm e-book adoption,” said Paul Biba, editor of the e-book blog TeleRead.

Adobe’s Bogaty said that, while Flash will not be enabled on the iPad, users of the iPad should be able to read ebooks that will contain Flash video. They will just see a static image instead of the video and the text will remain unaffected.