images.jpegDigitimes Research says that 740,000 ereaders were sold in April to May worldwide and the Nook sold 270,000 as opposed to the Kindle’s 118,000. Global ereader shipments, they say, totaled 1.43 million units in the first quarter.

Further, they are saying that Amazon is reducing Kindle inventory preparatory to a new product launch in July-August and that Sony is also expected to release a new unit in July.

Thanks to E-Reader-info for the heads up.


  1. What Steve said.

    Also, this was the period during which the Nook was making its first appearance in Best Buy stores nationwide and they needed to have that stock in.

    B&N needed some also, they’d been caught short in the past. Some online columnists were surprised to see it the first time when Digitimes reported these numbers as if sales to vendors during a certain period were the equivalent of sales to customers in that period.

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