elfkingDiane Duane has revised and relaunched another of her backlist as an e-book. This one, Stealing the Elf-King’s Roses, takes CSI-style forensic drama (though it was first published in 2002, the same year as the original CSI launched) and puts it into an SF/fantasy setting. It’s one of the few Duane books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet—but now I have a good excuse!

Duane writes that she took the opportunity to fix a few issues she’d noticed in the book over the last ten years, including restoring some material that had previously been cut and rewriting the last few chapters for greater clarity. She notes that this is one of her favorite books, and she may consider writing another book in the same setting at some point.

The book is available in Diane Duane’s Ebooks Direct store for $5.99, and can currently be downloaded as an EPUB, Mobi file, or a bundle of both. Duane expects to add more formats over the next week or so, but since her books are all DRM-free they can be converted with Calibre to whatever format you like.

To commemorate the release, for a short time she’s offering a discount code good for 30% off the $39.99 nine-volume Young Wizards International Edition e-book collection (but not Stealing the Elf-King’s Roses itself). Just enter ROSES as the coupon code at check-out.

I know I cover Diane Duane’s e-book launches a lot, but I can’t think of many other authors who have their own (DRM-free!) e-book stores and frequently revise and republish their backlist. If someone will point others out to me, I’ll give them some coverage too. I think it’s great to see well-known authors taking advantage of the promise of the e-book platform for connecting with fans and keeping old works relevant.


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