copyrightWriter Naomi Novik Explains Copyright to Congress (Boing Boing)
Naomi Novik isn’t just a talented author (she won the John W Campbell Award for best new writer in 2007 on the strength of her fabulous Temeraire novels, which retell the Napoleonic wars with dragons providing air-support!), she’s also a profound thinker on the questions of reuse, remixing, intellectual freedom and copyright.

There is a Big Problem with Free eBook Samples (GoodeReader)
Book discovery has been a hotbed issue for the last two years as digital books become more prevalent in our society. Unlike real books, you cannot download the entire novel to read samples, instead an algorithm extrapolates the first ten or twenty pages and delivers them to your e-reader.

Adobe to Harden Their ‘Broken’ DRM (Brave New World)
Last week we asked questions about the state of Adobe’s widely adopted ACS4 DRM service and the implications of their announced migration to ACS5.

Are eBook Subscription Services Worth it? (Lifehacker)
Ebook subscription services have been popping up over the last year and so and while they haven’t quite hit their stride, they’re getting close.

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