koboWhat the Sony and Kobo eBook Deal Means for Readers (GoodeReader)
Sony and Kobo signed a landmark agreement today that affects readers in the USA and Canada. Sony has announced that starting this March, any eBooks customers have purchased from the Reader Store, will be transferred to Kobo.

How the Copyright Industry Made Your Computer Less Safe (Techdirt)
But there’s a second important point in Doctorow’s piece that is equally worth highlighting, and it’s that the combination of DRM and anti-circumvention laws make all of our computers less safe.

Considerations for Publishing Without DRM (Tech Republic)
I’m considering what to recommend for a client that’s interested in electronically publishing and selling its technical textbooks with some method such as digital rights management (DRM) to protect copyright and prevent illegal distribution.

Amazon chooses “100 books to read in your lifetime, better hurry, why? Oh, no reason, forget I said anything” (Melville House)
This week everyone’s favorite cloud computing and hemorrhoid cream dispensary Amazon announced their selection of “100 books to read in your lifetime.” They sent out a press release and everything. That’s nice. I like books. And of course I always love to be reminded by enormous terrifying corporations that I could, and likely will, die tomorrow but that I shouldn’t worry about it because everything of cultural value is already here.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to reader BOB for this one!

Kindle Daily Deals: Secret Daughter (and 4 more)

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