copyrightSanta Claus Is Coming To Town… And EMI Is Keeping The Copyright (Techdirt)
Go ahead and sing whatever Christmas songs you like this seasons, but remember that thanks to the recording industry and Congress, you better not pout, you better just pay up your royalties in perpetuity, because the public domain is never coming to this town if they can help it.

Museum of Science Fiction to Open in Washington DC (GalleyCat)
A team of science fiction fanatics plan to establish a comprehensive science-fiction museum in Washington D.C.

Nintendo 3DS Bookstore Now Live (The Digital Reader)
Nintendo has been promising to launch an ebookstore for the Nintendo 3DS for over a year now and it has finally arrived – in Japan.

The Library Designed Like a Bookstore (Book Riot)
When the city of Almere, The Netherlands commissioned Concrete Architectural Associates to design their new public library, they asked for a library that was less like a library and more like a bookstore.

Kindle Daily Deals: Little Known Facts (and 4 others)


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