subscription servicesUK Police Start Replacing Ads on Copyright Sites with Warnings (GigaOm)
The new “Operation Creative” tactic is designed to tackle the funding of copyright-infringement websites without making users vulnerable to malware, as an earlier pilot accidentally did. However, it’s a bit worrying to see police censoring elements of webpages.

The Latest News on Book Adaptations (Book Riot)
Hollywood loves to mine the book world for stories, new and old, that can be re-imagined and brought to the big and little screen. If you like to read the book first, here are a list of books to either add or bump up your TBR list to get them finished before the adaptation is released.

Publishers Must Make a Decision Over Subscription Services (FutureBook)
OK, so the big giant has made a move with subscription services. What is the scenario now? Are we doomed to repeat the same mistake again, giving one company an almost complete monopsony? It’s up to the publishing industry. It’s up to you.

Do We Need Consumer Protection for eBooks? (GoodeReader)
There is no true path of ownership when you purchase eBooks, digital comics or manga from online retailers. Instead, you are merely granted a license and if the store closes you will lose everything. In the last few years we have seen BooksonBoard, Diesel eBooks, FictionWise, JManga, Scholastic Storia, and the Sony Reader Store all shutter their doors. Do we need consumer protection laws to protect our eBooks?

Kindle Daily Deal: The Hunger Games (and others)

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