pirate.jpgMarilynn is a frequent commenter on the site, so I thought you’d like to hear her in person on Crazy Tuesday, a live blog done by romance author Rowena Cherry. Here’s the blurb:

Crazy Tuesday, March 2nd, 2pm Eastern : Launching “Authors Without A Yacht”

When a proud ebook pirate stated that greedy authors don’t need his help pay for their third yachts, a group of authors who can’t even afford a canoe formed the “Authors Without A Yacht” social networking groups to answer readers’ questions about copyright and to share where readers can legally buy ebooks at the best prices.

Literary agent Richard Curtis, EPIC president Brenna Lyons, Marilynn Byerly, and romance author Carly Carson will share ebook pirate horror stories with host Rowena Cherry.

The audience can ask questions via email and text messages during the live chat and the completed show will also be available.