editors_letter_tablet_f1-242x300[1] On our sister blog Appletell, Ed McKell reports on the way that his iPad apps have, over time, started taking longer and longer, until lately he started the backup before he went to bed and it still was only 2/3 done when he got up seven hours later!

McKell learned from research in forums that others were having similar (pardon the pun) issues caused by magazine apps, and decided to experiment with deleting the Wired magazine app which was storing 3GB of back issues, to see if it had any effect. To his surprise, without the Wired app his iPad backup only took half an hour.

Several other magazine apps have been mentioned as well, so it is not specific to Wired or Zinio, but is a common problem amongst apps that use large files to store their data. This is different from apps that have lots of data in very small files. I still have lots of data in my other apps (8.8GB to be exact) and a large amount of that is divided up between games that are large apps and file storage apps like Good Reader, but the smaller files stored in those apps are not causing the same problems.

McKell pledges to continue his research and update the article if anything changes after iOS 4.2 is available.

So we can add to the article I posted yesterday yet another reason that iPad magazine apps are not thrilling iPad users. Wonder if iOS 4.2 will bring any improvements?