This YouTube video has been making the rounds of the book and e-book blogs lately, so far be it from me not to join the crowd. In it, a three-year-old is nonplused at opening a Christmas present and discovering it contains not toys but books.

His parents explain in a comment that this was essentially the boy’s first Christmas where he was old enough to understand what was going on, and Christmas’s presentation in the media gave him a fairly lopsided picture of what you’re “supposed” to get for Christmas. He does like books, he just wasn’t expecting them.

A number of grinches have apparently disliked and posted extremely negative comments about the review, but I find it rather charming actually. Kids that age aren’t old enough to know how they’re “supposed” to react, and sometimes that innocence can be fun to watch even if they have a negative reaction.

And I’m pretty sure I remember reacting in a similar fashion to getting clothes for Christmas when I was a kid. (I probably would have been thrilled by books. Even at that age I was already a voracious self reader.) Even after I learned better, I still never liked them.

At eBookNewser, Jason Boog wonders if the kid would have reacted the same way to getting e-books for Christmas. While it’s hard to say given that e-books are notoriously hard to gift, I would guess not—as I mentioned in September, studies have shown that kids love e-book reading.

Books for Christmas? Poo!