aridavid And here’s the next political Apple app rejection hot potato: California Republican congressional candidate Ari David states on the blog “Yes, But, However!” that Apple rejected his campaign’s iPhone application because it made “defamatory statements” about his opponent, Henry Waxman.

What kind of defamatory statements? The usual political mudslinging that nobody would bat an eye at were it aired in a TV spot. My opponent voted FOR [legislation which would end the world as we know it] and AGAINST [legislation that would bring about the Second Coming of Christ].

The exact content isn’t important, given that it’s exactly the same sort of thing you’d see from either party’s candidate. David claims, “As you can see not only are none of the statements defamatory, they are all factual,” but I suspect Waxman would disagree.

While personally I think the world could use a bit less political mudslinging from either side, David does have a point when he wonders whether Democratic candidates came in for the same treatment. If Apple rejects political apps from one party, it had surely better apply that treatment evenly to the other one as well.

I wonder if Apple has any idea what it’s getting into with this? Rejecting political cartoonists’ apps is one thing, but rejecting politicians’ apps might just be a good way to draw some unwelcome congressional attention.