elfquestA reminder that e-reading doesn’t just encompass prose:

Although one commenter points out it’s actually been on-line for two years now, the Comics Beat blog (and BoingBoing) just noticed that the entire 6500+ page collection of Wendy and Richard Pini’s ElfQuest comic book series is posted online for free reading. Published beginning in 1978, ElfQuest was one of the first breakout hits of the independent comics scene, and paved the way for many works to follow.

It can now be read online, via a Flash reading application (which means, alas, it’s unreadable on the best way to read digital comic books, the iPad—though someone associated with the site did post to BoingBoing that they are looking into making it available for iOS devices as well). There are also a couple of web stores—an out-of-print books store, and a CafePress shop that sells the standard clothing, mugs, and the usual.

There doesn’t seem to be any form of inexpensive print-on-demand collections of ElfQuest available, however—it seems you can either read it on-line, or pay $100 per out-of-print paper graphic novel. (Though I suppose I might well have been looking in the wrong place.)

At any rate, it’s good to see it all available even if it is in an awkward format. It seems the Pinis are using their body of work as a free draw, and hoping to make money on merchandising. I hope it works out well for them.