by Joe Paone

signal boosterIf you have problems receiving cell phone calls in your home, beach house, camping site, you name it, you need to be aware of wireless signal boosters. Wilson Electronics is one of the leading purveyors of this technology, which has long drawn the ire of wireless carriers because they believed many signal boosters caused interference on their networks. The company says it has worked closely with carriers to mitigate those problems, and it appears it has.

Wilson just dropped us a note about its CES plans:

As you may be aware, there has been an ongoing feud between manufacturers of wireless signal boosters and the wireless carriers. But this feud was recently settled and Wilson Electronics will introduce the first 4G booster that meets the new FCC standards at CES. Dubbed the DT4G, the booster is designed to be completely carrier- and handset-agnostic.

You can read more about the feud and the steps taken to resolve it here.

Wilson will be located in South Hall 3, Booth 31680 at CES.

Editor’s Note: This article had me at “camping site.” I know we’re supposed to disconnect while on vacation, but we use iPads as eReaders, and keeping my husband in fanfiction to read can be tricky. This would be a huge help. Now I just wonder how much the thing will cost.

Originally posted on GadgeTell.