A Fallacy in the ‘Cloud’ Argument

October 1, 2014 // 1 Comment

I have carefully been avoiding the iOS 8 upgrade, following numerous reports from both the blog world and my own father-in-law about bugs, glitches and slowdowns. Yet [...]

App Review: Google Play Books for Android

June 17, 2014 // 10 Comments

I hadn’t paid much attention to Google Play Books before. I’d installed and even paid for readers like Aldiko and Moon+ (TeleRead review), and snagged a couple freeish [...]

The Risks of Cloud-Based E-Books

August 8, 2012 // 14 Comments

As keen as I am on library e-books, I’m as much a booster of the buyable variety. I want people to be able to own e-books for real, ideally without DRM. More and more of [...]
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