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Ignore the Doomsayers: The Book Industry Is Actually Adapting Well

Source - Institute for Publishing Research [1] 

Numbers show that the publishing industry is handling the rise of e-readers better than what folk knowledge might suggest.

The fall publishing season is in full swing. There can hardly have been a year with more luminaries atop both the fiction and nonfiction bestseller lists; J. K. Rowling [2], Michael Chabon, [3] Ken Follett [4], Junot Diaz, among others, represent literary acclaim and commercial appeal.

Diaz [5] (This Is How You Lose Her) is having an especially good run: He is both a National Book Award finalist and a recipient of a MacArthur “Genius” prize [6]. Stephen Colbert [7], Arnold Schwarzenegger [8], Neil Young [9], Bob Woodward [10], and Salman Rushdie [11] are just a sampling of the nonfiction bestsellers. (For the full array, check out the New York Times‘s copious five pages of print and e-book listings in the book review [12].)

Whatever else may be happening in this tumultuous period of transition in how books are produced and distributed, the sheer range and quality of so many titles is indisputable proof that our marketplace has writers and readers in impressive numbers.

For all the complexities that publishing faces, the notion that books are somehow less of a factor in the cultural or information ecosystem of our time doesn’t hold up to the evidence.

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Source: The Atlantic 

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