“You may have read books on an e-reader or an app, but today we will look at what a physical book is and walk you through exactly how to read one,” Commer says in her video, which we’ve embedded for you below.

There may come a time when Hilary Commer’s “how to” video could actually become useful – years from now, when reading digitally is the norm.

See made the video for her Intro to Visual Media class at Abilene Christian University, according to the YouTube description.

Her video is funny now, but maybe this is just a look at life in the future.

By the way, my favorite part was watching the student swipe her finger across the cover of a book. Yeah, nothing happened, but we’re so used to that these days.

Step five is also very important: “Turn a Page. Don’t worry, when the text ends, you don’t have a malfunctioning book.”