Charlaine HarrisI unfortunately read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

I read the books even though I stopped enjoying them. The first several books in the 13-book series were fun. There was this vast world full of crazy characters that had layers and room for growth. It was enticing to read about a woman whose world got turned on its head and all for the better despite her abilities.

But toward the end of the series, the writing got lazy and the characters were predictable and repeated themselves.

I saw this article over the weekend from the Associated Press talking about Harris’s upcoming new series. However, she also talked about the Sookie Stackhouse series  — that inspired the HBO series True Blood — and the backlash from its ending. For the record, I really disliked the ending as well, but didn’t get angry. I just stopped buying the books and picked them up from the library.

Harris said she knew it was time to end the Sookie books, which inspired the hit HBO series “True Blood,” when she wasn’t approaching each new addition with excitement.

“And I thought, ‘You know, this is the time to end it, when I still have something to say.'”
The AP story paraphrased her, and I wish I could have seen the full quote. I could tell from Harris’s writing that she no longer had the excitement and fervor she once did when writing the books.

The plot lines were basic, books felt shorter and felt more like filler-episodes from television than a feature presentation.

With authors under contracts, they are obligated to write a certain amount of books. However, I wished Harris would have ended the story about five books earlier. And the bad experience I had from this last series actually doesn’t lend itself well for next one for me.

I’m not interested in reading it all.

Will she get bored again? Will she just mail it in like she did with the end of the Stackhouse series?

I certainly appreciate her writing the first several books in the series, but I wish there was a better way out for authors when something isn’t working anymore.

For those of you into series that follow characters, have there been stories that you know that have gone too long? Tell us about them in the comments.