Scribd on various phonesRemember my article last month on the Oyster Android app and how I said Oyster was pretty and Scribd was functional? It’s like the folks at Scribd were paying attention or something.

Yesterday I noticed there was an update for the Android version of Scribd, and the changelog mentioned a brand new color palatte and all-new fonts throughout the app. Later in the day, I received an embargoed press release discussing the new look and mentioning one more interesting tidbit which I’ll cover in a minute.

According to the release, the iOS app will be available in a day or two, which was handy for me because it meant I was able to get old and new screen shots.

Photo Jul 15, 7 32 43 Screenshot_2014-07-15-07-35-26

Photo Jul 15, 7 32 50 Screenshot_2014-07-15-07-34-36

The old version is on the left, and the new is on the right. I think they are prettier in the new version. Here’s one kind of cool feature. See the little book icon in the middle of the fourth screen shot? When you download a book to your device, that book fills up to show the progress of the download.

If you’ve upgraded your Android app and noticed that opening a book or downloading one to your device is sluggish, don’t worry. When I mentioned that to my contact at Scribd, she said it was a known issue and would be fixed in a couple of days.

The actual reading experience is virtually unchanged, but I do like the look of library management. I’d now characterize it as pretty instead of just functional, although it does remain functional.

So what’s the other tidit I alluded to earlier? Scribd has just released an app for Windows tablets and smartphones, giving them another device platform. That makes six: Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Nook, Windows and web. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Scribd is the only subscription service to have dedicated a dedicated Windows app. If any readers have a Windows tablet or phone and are also Scribd subscribers, please share your thoughts in the comments. I currently have no interest in either flavor of Windows device and won’t be testing the service on that particular platform.

Oh, and if you have a Windows device and want to try out the service, how about a 3 month free trial?