scribd adds publisher wileyScribd has just announced a partnership with Wiley to bring reference works, including the popular “For Dummies” series to the subscription service.

According to the release, this adds 1,000 of Wiley’s books to the service.

I think this adds quite a bit of value to Scribd and their readership. I’m a big fan of the “For Dummies” books and recommend them frequently when clients ask “how can I do ???” especially in technical areas. I created my first website many years ago with the help of a “For Dummies” book, learned the basics of Excel and bought one of the reference works to help my son learn algebra.

Adding that body of reference works to a subscription service is fantastic. There are a few “For Dummies” books I’ve been planning to read that aren’t available at my library. I just checked, and the two I wanted most, Scrivener for Dummies and Evernote for Dummies are available! Considering the monsoon-like rain we’re having in Northern Virginia today, I just might curl up with one of them.

Oh, when I downloaded the image to use for this article I noticed Dog Training for Dummies. Really? Does my library of books I want to read need to get that much larger?

What about you? Any “For Dummies” book you’re most excited about reading in Scribd?