I love my Nook HD, and I really do want Barnes & Noble to succeed, but they have to stop shooting themselves in the foot by being more complicated than Amazon when it comes to purchasing books and managing an e-book library.

Yesterday B&N and I were just not getting along, and everything I experienced was fixable, if they wanted to.

I saw that “Midnight in Death” by J. D. Robb was free on B&N, so I went over to “buy” it. I clicked “Download,” waited, and got an error message that my transaction had failed, and to try again. Since that’s usually a recipe for a double-charge on my credit card, they would have lost me at that point if the book hadn’t been free. Since it was, I tried again, and the transaction went through.

Time to download to my Nook. Another error message. At that point, I hopped over to Amazon to see if they’d price-matched the book. They had. Fifteen seconds and one-click later, I had “purchased” the book and sent it to my Kindle. A few more clicks, and it was on every other device I might want to read it on. Why couldn’t it have been so smooth from B&N? Nothing should get in the way of a purchaser and a book.

Later in the evening, I decided I wanted to re-read a book I’d previously purchased from B&N. Now, let me note that I usually buy DRM-free books (mostly from Amazon) and convert (using Calibre) to read in the app or device of my choice. So this was the first time I’d downloaded a book to my Nook HD since I’d bought it.

First I had to find the Archive on my Nook. Ah, there it was! Hidden in the middle of an obscure menu. Good placement. As I was scrolling through to find the book I wanted, I accidentally downloaded another book. No problem, I’d just delete it.

Oh, right. “Delete” on a Nook deletes it from your account. I’d forgotten that from my old Nook Color days. Fine, I’d “Move to Nook Cloud.” OK, book was deleted from my device, but the cover was still present, with a “download” badge on it. No, I didn’t want the cover still on my Nook. I wanted it gone!

Those of you who use your Nooks regularly are smiling and nodding about now because you know what I finally had to do to get rid of it. Yes, that’s right. I had to log on to my Library on my computer and move the book to the Archive. I then re-synced my library on my Nook, and it was gone.

Kindle users, you may laugh now. Because to do the same thing on a Kindle involves selecting the “Remove from Device” option. Simple and one step.

Seriously, B&N? How do you expect us to take you seriously when you make it all so complicated?

OK, I’m done ranting now. Time to load a few more DRM-free books on my Nook. Those I can get rid of with a simple “Delete.”