Excerpted from their financial results email:

The NOOK segment, which consists of the company’s digital business (including Readers, digital content and accessories), had revenues of $164 million for the quarter and $933 million for the full year.  NOOK segment comparable sales increased 1% for the fourth quarter while increasing 45% for the full year, as compared to the prior year periods.  Device sales declined during the fourth quarter due to higher third-party channel partner returns, lower selling volume and lower average selling prices.  In order to optimize the supply chain for new products, the company took back NOOK Simple Touch inventory following the previously announced holiday sales shortfall. 
Digital content sales increased 65% for the fourth quarter and 119% for the full year on a comparable basis, growing comparable digital content sales to $483 million for the full year.  Digital content sales are defined to include digital books, digital newsstand, and the apps business.  
Comparable NOOK sales reflect the actual selling price for digital books sold under the agency model rather than solely the commission received.  Additionally, such sales include all deferred NOOK device revenues, and device sales to third-party channel partners on a “sell-in” basis net of estimated returns.


Fiscal 2012 Results from Operations
Segment results for fiscal year 2012 and fiscal year 2011 are as follows:

  Revenues   EBITDA
$ in millions         Increase/(Decrease)           Increase/(Decrease)
  Fiscal 2012   Fiscal 2011   $   %   Fiscal 2012   Fiscal 2011   $   %
Retail      4,853        4,927   (74)   -1.5%           317           259   58   22.4%
College      1,744        1,778   (34)   -1.9%           116           113   3   2.2%
NOOK         933           695   238   34.3%          (262)          (209)   (53)   25.1%
Elimination (1)        (401)          (402)   1   -0.2%   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a
Total      7,129        6,999   131   1.9%   171   163   8   4.9%

(1)   Represents the elimination of intercompany sales from NOOK to Barnes & Noble Retail and Barnes & Noble College on a sell through basis.


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