efcf8414-df45-4065-a2d4-06c209578746Content developer My Legacy Press and publisher Apple of the Eye are developing an “accurate graphic novel-version of the Bible”, called The Almighty Bible, as a paper graphic novel and as an iPhone/iPad app. This is, of course, far from the first graphic novel adaptation of the Bible, but one thing that makes this one stand out is the iOS adaptation. The first volume, “Genesis: A Graphic Novel”, is due out in mid-September.

One of the stated goals of the project is to bring the Bible to kids and teens who spend a lot of time using their electronic gadgets, and My Legacy Press wants to bring it to multiple platforms.

"A lot of today’s kids and teens resist reading the traditional bible," Kevin O’Donnell, the project’s producer, commented. "We’ve made the bible as engaging and entertaining as possible."

Each page of the graphic novel will list the Biblical citations on which the artwork was based, and the iPad version will make link these citations to the full text.

The printed version of the first volume of the series can currently be ordered from Amazon for $13.99 in paperback form.


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