NookDo you own a Nook (either tablet or eInk version)? Does it annoy you when you load an .epub to your Nook, and the paragraphs are block style (or even block indented style)? Want to learn to format .epub books to display properly on Nook? Read on.

format .epub to display properly on Nook

That’s an actual Nook book, purchased through Barnes & Noble, and it bugs me. I like my paragraphs to be indented, with no spaces between them. Other .epub readers display books properly. It’s just the Nook reader which adds the extra spaces. I decided to hunt around and see if there was an answer, and, to my delight, the wise folks on MobileRead were on it and had an answer.

Turns out that a recent Calibre update added an “Expand CSS” option. The screenshot on the forum is tiny (although you can click it to enlarge), but I’ve included it here and added a handy arrow.

 Pretty simple. Load the troublesome .epub into Calibre and reconvert with the Expand CSS option checked. You will need to remove DRM first, if the book is so encumbered. A quick Google search will tell you how to do that.

Don’t want to have to remember each time to check that box? No problem. You can set that as a default in Calibre.

Start at the main screen of Calibre and select “Preferences.”

That will bring up the Preferences screen where you’ll next select “Common Options.”

Selecting that takes you to the following screen. Under the “Look and Feel” tab, select “Expand CSS”.

There. Now every time you convert a book in Calibre, that option will be selected, and books should display properly on any of your Nook devices or Nook apps.