asus_eeenote2.jpgAccording to Linux Devices the new reader will be offering a high definition 1024×768, 64 grey scale LCD touch screen with Wacom technology. It will be released in Taiwan at about $230 and may make it to the US in the first quarter of next year. It is called the Eee Note EA800. It will run the Linux operating system.

The unit will ship with 42 templates for note-taking needs and will have a built-in camera and voice recorder. Battery life is expected to be about 13.5 hours. The Asus web page is here.


  1. The headline and summary confused so I had to check the link.

    The screen resolution is nothing special coming in below the Nook Color and well below modern smart phones.

    The touch screen sensitivity using a pen, though, is higher than the display can show and, we are led to presume, better than previous Wacom tablets.

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