MacRumors is quoting a Publishers Weekly article wrap-up of today’s Apple trial, and the surprising bit is the 20 percent claim.

Here’s the quote:

The government also focused on the relative success of the iBookstore asking Moerer what marketshare the store held in the months after launch (about 20% Moerer said) and what its marketshare was after several years of operation and adding Random House in 2011 (also about 20%).

I don’t buy it. Let’s start with the statement itself. The market share a couple of months after iBooks launch was 20 percent? And it was still 20 percent after adding Random House? Call me crazy, but that doesn’t make a bit of sense. They added the largest general interest trade publisher, and their market share didn’t budge? Seems unlikely.

I also don’t buy the 20 percent in the months after launch. Why? Well, it’s an odd bit of data, but DRM-stripping tools for iBooks didn’t appear sometime last year. Why? According to the creators of the tools, because there weren’t enough people buying iBooks to make it worth their while to create the tools. If the “crooks” can’t be bothered, that should tell you something.

Of course it’s hardly the first time anyone’s used creative statistics in an e-book case.

Anyone have data to either back up Apple’s claims or dispute it? Just because it doesn’t pass my smell test doesn’t make it false.