If you’ve been shopping for a handheld 7-inch tablet—you know the kind: smaller than an iPad, bigger than an iPhone, about the size of a paperback book (remember those?)—now must be tempting time to shine up the old credit card, close your eyes and just buy one already. But hold on, partner: You might be kicking yourself a month from now if you rush and buy one today.

There are plenty of alluring options out there now. The new Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and the even newer Barnes & Noble’s NOOK HD, for example, both boast terrific, iPad-quality screens and low $199 price tags.

Google’s warmly-received Nexus 7, running the latest version of the Android operating system, has been out for a few months at the $199 price level; last year’s Kindle Fire, meanwhile, has been knocked down to a flea market price of $159.

But if I were shopping for a 7-inch tablet, I would wait until October was over before I committed to one; because the best 7-inch tablets—and the best prices—might not have arrived just yet …

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Source: Huffington Post