digital first publishing‘Freeing’ the Book (L.R. Styles)
While traditional-publisher control over the book market has been successfully challenged over the last ten years–to the great satisfaction of indie writers, like my husband and I–another aspect of “free” has been popping up more and more in the market: offering free eBooks.

Digital First Publishing and the Troubled Fortunes of Digital First Publishers (Dear Author)
One of the less publicized victims of the sea changes occurring in publishing is the digital first publisher.

Saving Bookstores the Old-Fashioned Way (Mercy Pilkington)
One initiative which took place last week in California saw not only a surge in bookstore traffic, but in revenue as well.

Amazon Announces New Affiliate Deal with Italian Bookseller Giunti al Punto (The Digital Reader)
Leading Italian bookseller Giunti al Punto will soon be joining Amazon in a new online and offline partnership which will see the bookseller carry the Amazon Kindle in its 170 stores.

Kindle Daily Deals: Romance Books (and others)


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