amazonIt’s been an interesting week watching what’s happening with Amazon. First there was the curious incident of the removed movie. Then Amazon turned around and eliminated the minimums for Kindle Direct Publishing electronic payments (mentioned in today’s Morning Links).

The “always wants to see the good in people” part of me wants to believe that the pulling of Disney content was a mistake. Trust me, I’ve goofed enough times with clicking the wrong button on the screen or accidentally hitting the Ctrl Key instead of Shift to know that mistakes like that can happen. But as Nate Hoffelder pointed out in a comment to our article, “The fact of the matter is their system is set up to yank the previously purchased content. It wasn’t an accident; this is how their system was set up.” I have to agree with him on that point. And because I do buy some Amazon Instant Video content, the incident sent a chill through me. What? Lose my Supernatural or Elementary episodes! (Only semi-joking there, unfortunately.)

And then they turn around and give me, as a writer, a Christmas present with eliminating the minimums on electronic payments from Kindle Direct Publishing. Which is a really good thing.

Oh, I make enough from Amazon US to get a payment every month. However, I don’t make enough from each of the other countries. It took almost two years to accumulate enough from Amazon UK to get a payment. (Curiously, it took far less time for Amazon DE.) Last week I made my first sales in Amazon India, and without the new policy, it might be another two years before I’d ever see a payment from them.

By the way, curiously, the rules haven’t changed for Brazil. Non-Brazilian publishers need to accumulate $100 to get a payment. Mind telling your Brazilian friends to get buying?

So I guess the message is no big company is all good or all bad. I like black and white as much as the next person, but there are just too darned many shades of gray out there.